All in the golden afternoon… full leisurely we glide;


A classic re-imagined. A hotel experience like no other.

 Welcome to Hara House, Bright’s freshest boutique hotel. Picture the perfect hotel stay behind your eyes, season with mid-century luxe finishings,  a massage before dinner, a splash in our Dead Sea mineral pool and heated spa, and an icy cocktail in hand before dining at Pepperberry – all of this and more awaits you at Hara House.

Come fall into a mysteriously glorious world.


Arrive and revelate.

Step, sashay, saunter or dance your way on over; tread with tingling toes over the spanking new, soft polished threshold, drop your bags and take your welcome drink in one hand, room key in the other, and surrender to the delights of what we have prepared for you in every available space.

Lose yourself in times of yore.

“Click” opens the door and you shed your dusty traveller’s skin.

Feast your eyes with splashes of colour, your fingertips with curious textures and silky surfaces; step into the rain shower and immerse yourself in light and colour. The bathrobe is just on the hook there… Pause a moment by the window, and take in the unmistakeable high country greens, blues, browns, pinks. We’ve captured the smells and spirit for you in the bespoke amenity kit right there on the sink.

The dream-child moving through a land.


Goodbye car, and hello Spa.

It’s time to fall into sensory bliss – allow us to take you by the hand and lead the way to the spa – body scrubs, massages, or perhaps we can wrap you up into a cocoon of delightful scents and body-adoring tinctures? We leave nothing between you and blissful oblivion, but the smell of wattle, eucalyptus, linen and happiness.

The happy voices cried.

Chill your glass.

You’ll be done and shiny new to join us at Hara House’s cocktail bar in time for Golden hour, breathless and excited once again. City? What city? Whet your whistle with one of our custom tipples. Sip if you can, but we’ll keep a jug on ice if you can’t. Don’t get up – we’ll bring this to your sunlounger, with towels to dry your hands before a round of poolside poker before dinner.

In friendly chat with bird or beast.


Yes, that was your stomach gently bubbling…

Post spa sparkling, post cocktail glowing, our attention turns towards satiating another of your desires – it’s time to peruse the flavours of our fabulous Pepperberry restaurant.

Think: bright sparkling greens, perfected grains, colours abounding – locally sourced, perfectly seared, steamed and seasoned. A sensuous palette cleanse to top off a day of sensory wonders. 

Anon, to sudden silence won.


Snuggle in and drift away.

Walk with feet not quite touching the ground back to your cocoon and fall like a cloud on to the we’ve-lost-threadcount softness of your bed. Oh wait – We just need you to take a hot second and tell us what you’d like in your breakfast basket in the morning. We know, we know, you’re just getting comfy… we’ll be ready for you tomorrow. And so will your breakfast basket.

⁠Beneath such dreamy weather, to beg a tale
of breath too weak to stir the tiniest feather!

It’s time already to tickle your tastebuds gently.

Good thing you already took care of the breakfast order last night….Flaky pastries, coffee black or creamy, crunch goes the granola and ting! Goes your tongue as you savour our fresh fruit, cold pressed juices or stick with being a happy little vegemite. From simple to decadent, start your day your way.

In fancy they pursue wonders wild and new.

10.10 am

Peeling yourself outside is about to become more worthwhile than you ever dreamed…

Grab your bikes from our secured bike storage, or grab one of our e-bikes – (Stow your ideas around e-bikes for the moment) – here we take things slow, and with your picnic lunch already packed and waiting for you, it’s time to explore Bright on two wheels. (Was ever a town so perfectly named?) An hour becomes three, as the wind lifts your hair up from your neck, delighted laughter bubbles forth as you realise that there is no other way to get up, and out, and into the clear Bright day. Whip your hair back and forth, pedal slower, now faster!

Thus grew the tale of Wonderland.

How many days can you stay?

Classic Australiana re-imagined. Come and feast your senses as you discover our hidden garden of earthly and heavenly delights at Bright’s only boutique hotel.

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