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Say hello, Darling.

Step through the looking glass and journey back in time, to a land of mid-century splendor and whimsy sublime. Follow the rabbit hole to our Bright hotel, where vintage charm and modern comforts entwine, and curious guests like you are always welcome to drop us a line.


2 Ashwood Avenue
Bright, Victoria 3741


(03) 7018 2333


Send us an email at: welcome@harahouse.au

Do you sell gift cards?

We certainly do. Why settle for ghastly knits when you can gift delectable feasts, divine indulgence, or an enchanting hotel sojourn? See Gift Cards here >

What time is check-in/check-out?
Check-in: 2:00pm
Check-out: 10:00am

Drop us a line, dear guest of the curious kind,
And enter a world where time is left behind,

Where the comforts of modernity and retro design, Come together in perfect harmony divine.

Be our guest.

Come. Stay. Enjoy.

Discover a whimsical wonderland in Bright, Victoria, where mid-century charm abounds. Lose yourself in retro decor and vintage delights, each room a treasure trove of sensory pleasures. Surround yourself with nature’s beauty and bask in tranquil surroundings. Explore the mountains and let the magic of this mid-century escape transport you to a world of pure delight. Come, embrace the charm, and let the journey begin.

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