Sustainability Policy

Our commitment to the environment…

Here at the Hara House we feel a strong sense of responsibility to care for our environment as we are located within one of Victoria’s most pristine natural environments. We are surrounded by the Alpine National Park and Mt Buffalo National Park and located close to the Ovens River.

The following green initiatives have been implemented at Hara House:


Waste Minimisation

  • Recycling system in place for glass, cardboard, paper, metal and plastics.
  • Kitchen green waste is composted.
  • Paper recycling point at reception.
  • Recycling of printer cartridges.
  • Recycling of corks in the restaurant.
  • Double sided printing policy used in office & use of recycled stationery and paper products.
  • Use of 100% biodegradable bin liners in the kitchen and guest rooms.
  • ‘Leif’ refillable dispensers to avoid single use Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Wash and Body Lotion. 

Water Management

  • Dual flush toilets in place & water saving shower heads installed.
  • No wash towel option & bed linen is changed every third day (unless otherwise required).
  • A comprehensive maintenance program is in place to ensure no leaking taps or toilet cisterns.
  • Garden timers are installed to ensure essential watering of garden beds is done at night to eliminate evaporation.
  • Our on-site bore ensures a continued supply of water for the pool and garden during times of water restrictions.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products  are used in throughout the property.
  • Automatic product dispenser installed to eliminate misuse of products.
  • 100% renewable, sustainable & biodegradable bamboo ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toilet paper.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient lights installed.
  • Exterior lights are controlled by an automatic light sensor and an off timer.
  • Reverse cycle heating and cooling.
  • All appliances & lights are turned off by our Housekeeping team when room is serviced daily.
  • Natural ventilation, along with good insulation ensures a viable alternative to air-conditioning being turned on.
  • Installation of solar panels.


Although the above initiatives are a simple part of everyday life at the hotel, we are always on the look out to recognise further opportunities for improvement and opportunities to introduce additional sustainable innovations.

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